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Acts of Bravery in our Brave New World

Sorry we’ve been MIA these past few weeks. Brave New Word has been in straight up survival mode as our brave new world takes shape. There have been a lot of parenting fails (and some successes!), spousal negotiations (who can commandeer the bedroom for morning conference calls) and anxiety-laced phone calls with friends and family. None of this is easy. None of this is fun. But we’re fortunate in that our families and our team are healthy and safe, and our work is well-suited for the new virtual reality.  

While we have been trying to discover the best way to tackle this new normal, it has given us LIFE to watch all of the bravery happening around us. We feel that now is a time that will redefine our favorite word as right now, in this very moment, we are seeing bravery from all walks. The health care workers powering through grueling schedules and limited resources to care for sick patients. The grocery store employees showing up to work every single day, despite the extra risk and exposure of all that human interaction. The companies focusing not so much on their bottom line (which matters, trust me) but more so on the community at large. Bravery during this pandemic is choosing to make decisions that do not stand to benefit you in the ways that you normally think about but that focus on the future of humanity instead.  

This new definition of bravery during the time of the coronavirus falls in line with our ideals here at BNW. My dad always told me that if you take care of people, they will take care of you.  This has been my mindset since starting our company, and I have seen it work in many parts of my life; if you do right by others, they will do right by you.  

The adaptations and shifts we are all making during this time are unparalleled, but we stay inspired by all of the acts of bravery happening around us. That’s why we want to take the time to spotlight these acts of bravery, a concept that has always meant so much to our business.

Locally, Charlotte-based companies have been focused on the community for weeks now. From feeding those in need, to continuing to provide basic necessities to those who cannot afford to pay their bills, to supporting our doctors, nurses, and first responders, it is incredibly encouraging to see companies acting with pure intentions during a time when it be all too easy to focus on themselves: 

Dualboot Partners recently challenged its partners and customers to donate to a local food bank and/or national organization through their social media.  They themselves also made a donation to Feeding America before challenging three other companies to join the movement.  

The owner of Haberdish recently had to make the hard decision to lay off 85 team members during the pandemic. The owner then made the brave decision to start a GoFundMe page to help raise money for those who had to be let go. 

Charlotte Community Kitchen has increased its hours and outreach to help serve more people in need during COVID-19.  They have been able to extend the number of meals they are able to prepare, as well as deliver to those who cannot leave their homes.

Duke Energy has made a pact to leave the power on for residential addresses even if they are not up to date on payments. Additionally, they are waiving all late fees during this time of uncertainty.  

I know this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the good being done around us, and we hope to use social media during this time to add to this list of brave acts. We believe that showcasing bravery in action inspires more of the same, and that will be our goal. 

We have a list of favorite quotes at BNW that we add to every so often, and there’s one that really resonated with me as I thought about this time in the world and the social good happening around us. It’s from Anita Hill, who said:

When you talk about people who do things that others perceive as really courageous, most of the time what motivates them is not the risk … of what might happen, but what’s the importance of what it is you’re trying to achieve. [It’s] not the consequences of doing a thing as much as the consequences of not doing it.” 

So our challenge — to you and to ourselves — is to make the brave choice to do something that is important for the good of humanity during this unprecedented time. 

We’ll all be better for it.   


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