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Raising the bar: The startup built to help nursing moms is on the cusp of a major transformation

This week, here at BNW, we had the opportunity to profile a supermom who is raising the BAR high for expecting mothers, Dina Carey.  Dina, like so many others, struggled with breastfeeding after having her daughter but she didn't let that demotivate her. In the course of our interview, Dina detailed her life before children which included working at Levine Cancer Institute and earning a Bakery Arts Certificate.  In short, her involvement showed her passions for baking and supporting women...and boy has she had the opportunity to do both since becoming a mom. Now, the proud owner of a pro-breastfeeding startup, Dina has the opportunity to help breastfeeding moms around her who struggle just like she did through her invention of a “milkful” bar .  This inspirational story can be found in this StartCharlotte article!


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