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The most amazing business card I've ever seen

I've always gotten geeky excited about business cards.

I suppose it made it official somehow: my new job, my next step in my career, confirmation that this company had chosen me to represent its brand. 

It happened again, just the other day, when a box of business cards arrived in the mail. Only this time, it's especially cool because the company is mine. Brave New Word is a content marketing firm, focused on brand messaging, website content, thought leadership and social media. We consult, create and collaborate to help brands forge a stronger connection with their customers — and in the end, get more business.  

We do that through the power of stories. I spent 12 years as a journalist, covering everything from the culture and lifestyle of West Texas to the daily breaking news of New York City. No matter where I worked, the goal was always the same: Tell the kinds of stories that make people stop, read, listen. 

That's what I do for my clients: Together, we get to the bottom of what your brand brings to the table and we figure out a way to tell your story in a way that resonates with customers, investors and employees. 

Words are powerful, and we can help you use them to make a big impact. 

Want to talk? Fill out the content form at the bottom of our homepage, and we will respond asap! 


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