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The Transition to Bold

Last month, we brought you four stories of transition from four amazing women.

Transitions demand we be bold. They require people to step outside of their comfort zone and be courageous. Like everyday superheroes, you might say.

So as we head into September — our month of “bold” — we thought we’d give those women the true superhero treatment. Consider it our version of the “Fantastic Four.”

Like the word “brave,” “bold” really resonates with us here at BNW. It helps define who we are as a company and how we want our clients to feel when they look at the story we help them tell. It’s about being adventurous and audacious, fearless and heroic — however that shows up for you.

Bold words and actions shape you, shape your company. They aren’t always easy, but they are a requirement for success.

But sometimes, we need a little push into action. So follow us on social media this week as we roll out each part of our comic strip and kick off our month of “bold” with the stories of four powerhouse women.


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