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Zero to Ten with Alyssa Pressler

This week on Zero to Ten, we’re catching up with hygge’s director of marketing, Alyssa Pressler. If you’ve never met her, Alyssa is The Person (a title she got in this very podcast episode) at hygge west charlotte, and she’s also the person you’ve probably interacted with on any hygge social media. (She’s also the one writing this caption about herself, which yes, is very, very awkward).

On this podcast episode, host Mary Johnson asks Alyssa about her openness with her mental health struggles, her tattoos (including 2 that she’s tattooed on herself), and why in the heck she’s sniffing the microphones in the podcast studio (it’s one of those ‘you’ve gotta listen’ things). It’s a pretty fun episode (and I’m not just saying this because it’s me, Alyssa, awkwardly writing this caption). You can listen to the whole thing below



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