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Zero to Ten with Megan Pastor

“If you keep happiness in the front of everything, or kindness, love, whatever it is that keeps you happy, that shifts your perspective.”

This is just one of the incredible tidbits from this week’s Zero to Ten episode with Megan Pastor, hygge’s phenomenal Director of Membership Experience. If you’ve checked out hygge since March, chances are you already know Megan. She’s our human confetti cannon on staff, spreading sunshine and rainbows and laughs and hugs like no one’s business. But how well do you really *know* Megan? Like, do you know that she used to write cute notes for her grandpa for his lunch every day? Or that she was offered her job at hygge without even realizing she had been interviewing for it? On the latest podcast episode, we get to learn more about about Megan, how she stays so positive and where she got her incredible baking skills from (if you’re ever the lucky recipient of a Megan Pastor baked good, be grateful). You can listen to the whole dang thing below.


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