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Zero to Ten with Ethan Neville

With coworking, ya never quite know what you’re gonna get. For example, on a Wednesday at about 3:45 p.m., you may just randomly get approached by someone you’ve never met, Mary Johnson, and asked to be on the hygge podcast Zero to Ten. And that’s exactly what happened to Ethan Neville, just a few weeks ago. But honestly, we got lucky, because Ethan is a pretty damn cool guy. Formerly a dish washer and gutter cleaner (which, it turns out, isn’t that bad of a job), he’s a commercial filmmaker and podcaster. His podcast, Video and Company podcast, brings on local film and video buffs in the industry as well as other business experts to talk all about video.

His 🔥 videos prove he is an absolute master at lighting – we’re totally mesmerized. Ethan was kind enough to jump right in and talk about what it’s like watching film when you work in the industry, what his favorite movie is, the garlic crusted lamb chop he just made recently. He also said probably the kindest thing about hygge we’ve ever heard: “The internet is good, the people are nice and the coffee is way better than you think it would be.” (shoutout to Enderly Coffee, the coffee he’s talking about 🙌🏽)


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