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Zero to Ten with Greg Schermbeck

A lot of people know Greg Schermbeck, the guy behind education reform at SchermCo. For 5 years now, SchermCo has been specializing in strategic services for education reform initiatives across the country, particularly for K-12 students. Basically, he’s a big deal, and he’s been at it for a while now. But the best part about coworking isn’t connecting with people about what they do… (okay, that part is a ton of fun, too). The best part about working alongside strangers is you get to learn some quirky things about them you may never have before – like that Greg used to play football, he grew up in a low-income area and he just recently hired his mom to help him out with his business (hey, mama Schermbeck!). This week on the Zero to Ten podcast, host Mary Johnson sits down with Greg to talk all about the things people might not know about him, and you can give it a listen by heading to the link in our bio.



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