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Zero to Ten with Hannah Beavers

Over the last few years, Hannah Beavers has been going through several profound transitions. Hannah founded the nonprofit Glorious and then joined Mama Hope through Glorious in helping communities globally with sustainable development. Then, last year, she had a baby and decided to leave her job:

“When I had Quin, it was like am I still doing what I’m supposed to be doing on this planet. All of the sudden I have this expanded role, all of the sudden your purpose on the planet becomes very much an extension of your child. In light of that and in light of being so in love with the work I was doing, it was really a tough process for me to figure out what’s next. If community work is so important to me, which it is, how can I ensure my daughter is part of that work?”

For Zero to Ten this week Mary talked with Hannah about her transition into motherhood and her search for a new calling after having a child.


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