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Zero to Ten with Jacob Felts

Sales lead by day, farmer by night (and morning). World, meet Jacob Felts, a member of the #hyggefam who works remotely for Safewood Designs at our hygge jay street location. He does some pretty cool stuff at work, don’t get us wrong, but we had him on the Zero to Ten podcast this week to talk about something different. A few months ago, Jacob and his wife decided to fulfill a dream that started out as a joke: buy a farm, homestead the land and grow/raise their own food. Totally cool, right?

That means Jacob starts his day out early with his farm chores, which include walking the goats to the pasture, feeding the laying chickens they have, taking care of the barn cats, feeding the rabbits and so much more, all before heading in to the office for a full day. Then, at the end of the day, he’s back outside and doing more work, like fixing up the barn, clearing his acres of land, chainsawing trees… the list never ends. His story is cool as hell, though, especially because they’ve learned how to do every bit of it through YouTube. Head to the link in our bio to give it a listen and learn all about what goes into running a huge farm part time, and follow along with their progress at The Felts Farm.


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