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Zero to Ten with LaNaria Barnes

Hey everyone, if you haven’t had the chance to meet LaNaria Barnes, you’re really missing out. LaNaria is the Director of Finance over at Love146, a nonprofit that is fighting to end child trafficking across the world. It’s incredibly important work, and as the keeper of finances in the organization, LaNaria’s role is crucial. “I’m at this point in my career where whatever I do, I want it to mean something,” she says. “When I reconcile a bank account, I’m able to save a child, maybe not directly, but indirectly.”

LaNaria is a numbers girl at heart – she’s always loved them. She even loves excel… which is a thing pretty much everyone hates. She’s always worked in accounting, but she says she’s found something special with Love146 because it allows her to do meaningful work. This week on the Zero to Ten podcast, host Mary Johnson asked her about chicken salad, what she’d have as her last meal on death row, what child trafficking looks like in Charlotte, how running the finances for a nonprofit is different than a for profit business… a little of everything. You can listen in to the full, fun convo below.


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