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Zero to Ten with Melissa Brokaw

This week on Zero to Ten, we’re getting real with ya and talking about a difficult topic: divorce. Shit happens, people grow apart and it’s tough as hell, but it can force you to grow. Everyone, meet Melissa Brokaw, a member of the #hyggefam and half the team over at Well-Run Media. About two years ago, Melissa got divorced after nearly 20 years with her husband. It was a pretty dramatic change for her, and since then she’s gone through a period of growth, to the point where Melissa says a lot of people don’t even recognize her anymore.

“I went from being this completely sheltered person. I had been with my ex since I met him when I was 16, and he was 11 years older than me, and that was my entire life. I didn’t have an end of high school, I didn’t have college experiences. I think it’s hard for me to put into words how big it was because his world was my world because who else is going to be your friend when you’re 18 and hanging out with a 30 year old. People who knew me before are like how are you the same person, and I’m like, ‘Surprise!'”

Get to know the new, dinosaur-shirt-wearing, weight-lifting, mom-to-a-16-year-old powerhouse that is Melissa Brokaw on this week’s podcast episode. Head to the link in our bio to give it a listen.


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